How to Use Tinctured (Liquid) Plant Medicines

Todd Stone

The more you take Plant Medicines, the less you need them.  (With Pharmaceuticals, it appears the more you take, the more you need)

General dosing: Squeeze the bulb and let go to draw the liquid into the dropper.  That is one dose.  Take one dose in the morning and evening.  

If you have an acute need, like a cold, flare up of allergies, or day 1 of menstrual cramping, use Acute Dosing: take five to ten DROPs, not droppers, every 1-3 hours, depending on the intensity of the symptom.  

All medicines taste BAD, as they are made of bark, roots and leaves we ordinarily wouldn't eat.  They are bitter, and some worse than others.  You can lessen the taste by diluting in water or juice, or you could purchase capsules and squirt a dose in the capsule, and then swallow without tasting it at all.  I have gotten used to bitter, as have most of my patients and family, so we just squirt the dropper in the mouth and wash it down with a sip of water.


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  • Sorry, I didn’t see this. I’m new to shopify and learning. Our tinctures are made by companies like standard process, who serve doctors with the highest standards for medicine. Alcohol extraction is the most traditional and effective way to gather the medicinal qualities of plants. The alcohol content in 10 or 20 drops is negligible though. And yes, the clinic is in the basement of our home. If you made it all the way back, you would see it is a beautiful, natural setting.


  • I would like the answers to the questions posed by Charlotte Martin on 11-23-2017

    CArolyn GReen

  • Who makes these medicines? Where do you get the herbs? Are they made in the sterilized area and are sterile bottles used? Are they made in a factory or in your home or what? What are the bases of these herbs in the liquid are they in alcohol? I have tried to find your office twice and my GPS puts it into a residential home in Arden. Do you make these herb meds in your home? You don’t have to answer this right away enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family, thank you.

    Charlotte Martin

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