About us

True Health Wellness is a Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology Clinic that offers local and long distance health analysis and coaching.  In 2016 we started offering our custom herbal blends, our most appreciated wellness products, and our specialized 'do-it-yourself' Lab Assessments online.  

We maintain the small town feel our clinic offers in our online store.  You will deal with us directly and personally if you have any questions or concerns with your order.

These products have muscle tested themselves to the top-of-the-line after over 20 years of clinical practice and experience.  This is not a short list of good ideas, but the best of the best products that produce clinical and patient Results!  

We greatly appreciate your shopping with us!!

Our Clinic Information (currently our shipping information also)

22 Green Acres Lane
Arden, NC  28704

Laura: (828) 654-9790   Email: Laura@GetTheRightDiagnosis.com

Dr. Todd Stone  Email: Drstone@GetTheRightDiagnosis.com