Exactly What You Need!

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Exactly What You Need!

You provide me with a list of symptoms, with location and intensity (0-10), plus the time of day and year you feel your best and worst. 

Briefly explain ow sleep works for you.  Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, wake up groggy, vs good sleep and good morning energy? 

Briefly describe how energy works for you.  Trouble getting started, crash after lunch, fall asleep at dinner, or watching a movie vs great energy right up until I need to go to bed.  (When you click "add to cart," you will see a little box that says special instructions to the seller.  Describe your symptoms there.)

Dr. Stone will use his Spidey senses to mix the perfect medicine for you, along with a short acupressure routine.  Take your medicine and do the acupressure 2 times a day for 30 days (1 bottle lasts 30 days).

If you don't notice a trend of symptoms decreasing and feeling good increasing, just let me know and I'll click "refund purchase!"  If you feel a "healing trend" and want more, update me on your top symptoms, plus energy and sleep and I'll mix Exactly What You Need to reach the next level!