Nature's First Aid Kit

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Nature's First Aid Kit

One ounce bottles (normally we offer 2 oz) in a handy first aid kit with an acupressure guide for fast relief of acute symptoms.  INCLUDES:

True Tissue Heal: Fast relief of bug bites, sprains, bruises, or rashes.  Our 5 year old dislocated his elbow and was pain free in less than 24 hours.

True Allergy Relief: As a past allergy sufferer, this medicine works better and faster than any medicine you can get at the pharmacy, and I tried them all!  Can be used topically as well.  

True Immune Cold/Flu: Fast relief of colds and flu, usually under 48 hours if not immune compromised.  

True Sleep: Find sleep when it eludes you.  For troubles falling asleep.  (If you can't stay asleep, True Energy is our best remedy for that type of insomnia.)  

True Digest Ease: Fast relief of digestive upset from heavy meals or when "something didn't agree with you," and for abdominal cramping or gas pains.  

True Calm: Our kids version of sleep, or to calm your nerves when stressed out or anxious, without feeling drowsy or sedated.  

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