True Alzheimer's Relief Kit

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True Alzheimer's Relief Kit

Some of the plants and nutrients are proven to reverse Alzheimers in humans.  The rest are proven to reverse Alzheimers in animals.  All are proven safe to try.  I searched and couldn't find a recorded death from plant medicines.  None from taking them with medicine.  None from taking them at the wrong time (although that can be uncomfortable).  No side effects other than a bad taste, and like food, sometimes it upsets your tummy.  

This is your absolute best hope to not have to watch Mom or Dad go through the stages of Alzheimer's.  And I am taking the risk.  If you buy two months worth, you'll receive 2 bottles of all five products.

If you aren't happy with the results of the first month, return the second bottles (unopened), and I'll refund your entire purchase.  

I expect something like this... "OMG, Dr. Stone is the only person on this planet that knows healing, lets fly Mom to him for a week worth of care."  Which is free, strangely, because it's more important to me, that people get to feel the healing I can offer, than making a living. 

So anything less than that, and you send the unopened bottles back and I'll refund the entire $350.  

Contains: MCT Oil, Fish Oils (ultra-pure), True Focus, True Neuro-Regeneration, True Heavy Metal Detox.