True PMS Relief

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True PMS Relief

Hormone imbalance can make your "moon cycle" miserable.  I have cared for women who would pass out from the pain of their cramps.  PMS Relief relieves cramping, bloating and irritability associated with PMS.  Several of my patients were surprised by their period, because they had used PAIN to keep track of their period.  With PMS Relief, they didn't have the slightest symptom of hormone imbalance.  

We use lab testing to monitor hormones, and have seen hormone production increase over 100 points, and excessive hormones decrease by over 500 points with our plants!  

Ingredients: Maca, Wild Yam, Dandelion, Hyssop, Yarrow and Clary Sage

Dosage: 1 dropper (approximately 20 drops) 2 times per day.  Acute dosing: 10 drops every 1-3 hours.  At normal dosing, a bottle lasts 30 days.

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